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We believe businesses are living, breathing organisms that have personalities, value systems, beliefs, and missions unto their own. As a business matures, it's purpose and vision evolve at the friction point between what it has been and what it is becoming. It is at this phase of growth that organizations, leadership teams, and governing boards have the opportunity to to step back and clarify their purpose in order to better inform the caliber of their company culture, their decision making, their core messaging, and their overall vision guiding them into the future.

Overtime, we have refined our process to take clients on a creative journey through a framework of five basic questions that distill the essence of their organizational narrative while reconnecting them back to the roots of their cause and the communities they serve.

Our signature workshops, are efficient, creative, thought provoking, inspiring, and aim to unify participants in purpose, vision, and action.

Storytelling workshops & Retreats

Why choose this path? Clarify vision & purpose | Define direction | Identify core & key messaging | Team building | Audience empathy

Your brand is the container of your ideas, your story, your vision, and the change you seek to make. Our job is to help you reconnect to your purpose, define your values, clarify your message, unify your team, and better understand the people you seek to serve.

A 15-20 page document is provided summarizing the 5 Questions and acts as a golden map for content building, marketing strategy, and HR toolkit.

Workshops & Retreats that reconnect

Why choose this path? Inspiration | Deepen purpose | Annual planning | Bigger picture thinking | Reenergize | Long term goals

When a team gets stuck in the thralls of daily workload, it’s easy to lose sight of the bigger picture and purpose of one’s work. This path is creative, fun, purposeful, unifying, strategic, and inspires an organization to remember the heart of their cause. When a team is bonded in vision and meaningful purpose, they have the inspiration needed to pursue their goals. 

Innovation & Creativity workshops

Why choose this path? Creative inspiration | Idea generation | Problem solving | Understand team dynamics | Perspective shift

Today’s visionary organizations can no longer afford to use antiquated methods of idea generation and problem solving to meet the needs of today’s business climate. They must be in constant connection with their own creative threads. This approach uses physical exploration to problem solve, become unstuck, and generate possibilities from idea to iteration.

Let's talk.

Want to know more or to have a workshop customized to fit your organizational needs? Contact us for a free consultation and to learn about how our creative process can serve you.

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