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Little Oak Montessori School Case for Support Proposal

Little Oak is starting a multi-year capital campaign to raise money to unite their campuses and grow their school into its full potential. All past boards have envisioned Little Oak’s maximum potential size to be between 90-120 students. 

They are in the beginning of the silent phase of their capital campaign, which is where 50%-70% of the total funds are raised through major gift giving and donations. The rest is raised by the larger public.

Current struggles the case for support helps solve:​

  • ​Jumbled momentum

  • No compelling and cohesive vision, story, or language

  • Overwhelm - uncertain roles and responsibilities


Right now, Little Oak needs storytelling support that unites the team, builds excitement and momentum, and paints a cohesive and compelling picture for prospective donors and gift givers of where Little Oak is now and what can be accomplished with their contributions.


"What is the leanest way to start getting out into the community, getting feedback from potential donors, and working the silent phase of this capital campaign so that we can confidently welcome donor conversations as soon as possible?"

  • Build the story from inside the organization:

    • staff

    • alumni

    • board

    • community

  • Just start!

I will help you get off the ground, stop spinning your wheels, unite behind a shared vision, and be inspired to do this campaign.

How? - Focused workshops 

  1. Clarify vision, unite team efforts, establish needs, and get real about the numbers, and decide how you will do a feasibility study.

  2. Research, interview, and organize a focus group to understand donor motivations, language and values

  3. Audience empathy workshop - training on how to use the case for support


Projected Timeline & Cost

  • Cost: $25,000

    • 50% deposit, 50% over the remaining 6 months

  • 3-4 months for case for support iteration one

  • 6 months for ready to use case for support

  • 6 months of additional case for support and case statement refinement based on board solicitation feedback

Timeline example:

  • June:

    • Clarify vision and needs workshop

  • June - August:

    • Research, interviews, focus group 

  • August/September:

    • First iteration of case for support ready to begin soliciting donations with cohesive story. 

  • October:

    • Audience empathy workshop

  • November:

    • complete case statement

    • Refine case for support from feedback

  • December 2022 - May 2023: Support and refinement of case for support as needed 

What's next?

Schedule out a 6 month timeline for:

  • workshops & focus group​

  • deadlines

  • meetings​

  • feasibility study decision


The case for support is the foundation on which the entire capital campaign is built. We must get this right.

This project is a natural evolution of the work we have done together spending years trying to refine Little Oak's messaging. I can be one of the threads that weaves it all together, helps you clarify your vision, and supports you through this campaign.

By investing in doing the groundwork for this project early and committing to developing a strong case for support that is clear, well organized, and emotionally persuasive, we will be more confident in our vision, our ask, be ready to engage potential large donors, and develop a clear plan that others can put their time, energy, and money behind.

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