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The most common place that independent entrepreneurs become stuck is likely not a business problem, it's a clarity problem. They have yet to truly identify their audience and the core message of their work. 

Our programs are designed to take individuals through a creative journey that clarifies where they are and offers a map to get them where they feel called to go. We offer clients strategy, support, clarity, marketing strategy, and full commitment to the next layer of their entrepreneurial journey.

Root & Remember

This 1-1 consulting program takes you through a creative process of solidifying your branding, messaging, and audience identification to get you in front of the clients that need your service and work through the limiting beliefs keeping you from being of service.

Group work

We believe in the strength of community. Twice a year, our 1-1 consultation program is offered to a group of 4 like-minded, service centered entrepreneurs. Together, we journey through the creative process of refining our message and creating a strategy for connecting to our community supported by our peers.  

Bones of Essence Workshop

This signature workshop focuses on reconnecting with the soul of your business. It is infused with inspiration, intuition, and deep connection through the lens of sacred service.

Host a workshop

Do you represent a group of artists, freelancers, practitioners, or creatives and want to talk about hosting a Bones of Essence workshop for your community? 


"My time working with Jannie had been profound, unlocking clarity that has allowed me to recalibrate in ways I could't access before. I have done business trainings in the past, I understand the framework and what I am "suppose" to do but it never made transformation happen. I had the knowledge and was still stuck. Jannie has a gift of weaving the framework, the facts and the logistics of a business mind while equally honoring an individuals authenticity, passion, and truth. She has a unique way of creating a framework that lets the calling of why you do what you do be fully honored, while still teaching you to harness the necessary tools, boundaries and mindset needed to become sustainably successful. I have now worked with Jannie both one-on-one and in a group setting. They were equally powerful and influential experiences and it was very helpful to have both. Her work is invaluable and I could not recommend her highly enough."

Abby Kenny, Founder, Subliminal Bliss

"I recently attended Jannie's workshop. I was drawn deeply to it by her profound insights and ways of looking at business. I felt very lost in terms of who I was ready to serve, and how to clear all the “clutter” out of the way to make sure I was really speaking to those people, so they knew I was here to support them. I felt stuck, sticky, and like I was just distracting myself to appear as a busy business owner, when in reality I was unsure of what to do next. The structure she created was exactly how my mind works, to look deeper, and under the words, back to the heart and reason I am creating what I am creating. I left with more clarity, but also a deconstruction of what I thought I needed to be doing, so I can now do what I know is part of who I’m becoming as a business. I am utterly grateful for her offerings, the group work was so eye-opening! I highly recommend her work!"

Chantel Alcaraz, Abhasa Wellness

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