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A seed is planted - an idea sprouts roots.

Passion takes hold and you are ready

to make your contribution to the world.

As waves of momentum and inspiration cycle through, you land at the point of wanting support, deeper connection to purpose, community, and clear direction forward.

If you're ready for support, this is an opportunity to lean in.

What participants are saying...

"My time working with Jannie had been profound, unlocking clarity that has allowed me to recalibrate in ways I could't access before. I have done business trainings in the past, I understand the framework and what I am "suppose" to do but it never made transformation happen. I had the knowledge and was still stuck. Jannie has a gift of weaving the framework, the facts and the logistics of a business mind while equally honoring an individuals authenticity, passion, and truth. She has a unique way of creating a framework that lets the calling of why you do what you do be fully honored, while still teaching you to harness the necessary tools, boundaries and mindset needed to become sustainably successful. I have now worked with Jannie both one-on-one and in a group setting. They were equally powerful and influential experiences and it was very helpful to have both. Her work is invaluable and I could not recommend her highly enough."

Abby Kenny, Founder, Subliminal Bliss

This 2-part interactive workshop will help you answer the essential questions to branding and promoting your business through a lens of sacred service.

By the end of this workshop, you will leave with a clear understanding of what your business needs right now as well as the change you seek to make with your work and how to connect with the people you seek to serve.


This is a dynamic and interactive opportunity for you to work on your business rather than in your business. During our time together, we will ask and answer vital questions that help you further align yourself and your offerings as a business such as defining your brand, mission, and messaging to speak directly to the people you serve. By reframing your approach to branding and marketing through a lens of sacred service, you will gain the tools and guidance to move your business forward.

By approaching branding and messaging strategy from a place of service and connection, we are guided deeper towards the most essential elements of a business’s offerings. Each question helps us to re-member the roots supporting our entrepreneurial journey, the people we are here to support, and the inspiration that keeps us moving forward.

A recent Imperative/LinkedIn study found that 85% of companies with a clearly articulated and understood purpose experienced positive growth, while 42% of companies that didn’t understand their purpose experienced a drop in revenue. And, according to the 2017 Cone Communications CSR Study, 87% of consumers stated they would purchase a product based on brand values. This is just a thread of the data that's demonstrating how important it is for organizations and entrepreneurs to not only know who they are but to reflect their story to their audience through their products, services, messaging, and actions.

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The more clearly you can reflect the story of who you are and what you offer, the easier it is for your audience to connect with you. When we open our will, our minds, and our hearts, these essential components naturally align.

This workshop is for you if...

  • You are interested in further educating yourself on branding and marketing practices through a lens of sacred service

  • You are ready for a more concrete vision of the people you are here to serve

  • You'd like professional consulting advice about your business

  • You'd like to work on your business goals with a group of like-minded entrepreneurs

  • You have yet to define your brand identity and strategy to connect with your ideal customer

  • You need support remembering and refining the roots of your business that create the core of your messaging

  • You are seeking an infusion of energy and inspiration in your business

  • Your business feels stuck and you have yet to identify how to move forward

This particular workshop is structured to support the needs of single business owners and freelancers with no employees. Space is limited to 6 participants. For interest on how this work can be applied in larger businesses and organizations, please contact Jannie be emailing

What participants are saying...

​"Jannie's workshop provided a nourishing and energizing environment to explore the heart of my business and service. I felt deeply supported to ask fundamental questions about the alignment and fluidity of my work and presence in the world and to encounter new solutions and ways of seeing how I can serve. Being able to work in process with other business owners was a gift, as was the generous insight and intuition that Jannie provided along the way." - Joanna Kaufman, Joanna Kaufman Illustration

"I recently attended Jannie's workshop. I was drawn deeply to it by her profound insights and ways of looking at business. I felt very lost in terms of who I was ready to serve, and how to clear all the “clutter” out of the way to make sure I was really speaking to those people, so they knew I was here to support them. I felt stuck, sticky, and like I was just distracting myself to appear as a busy business owner, when in reality I was unsure of what to do next. The structure she created was exactly how my mind works, to look deeper, and under the words, back to the heart and reason I am creating what I am creating. I left with more clarity, but also a deconstruction of what I thought I needed to be doing, so I can now do what I know is part of who I’m becoming as a business. I am utterly grateful for her offerings, the group work was so eye-opening! I highly recommend her work!" ~ Chantel Alcaraz, Abhasa Wellness


"Attending Jannie’s Bones of Essence workshop was just the clarifying edge I needed to see where I was self sabotaging my business and it’s potential. It was powerful to sit in a room of other small business owners and feel how I’m not alone in the pursuit of successful marketing. And naming all my offerings, what really describes my business and who my core clients’s been a huge motivation to keep showing up authentically as I am, doing what I’m best at! I’d highly recommend to any business, big or small! " ~ Adrienne Lee, Adrienne Lee Joywork

Workshop Details

Date: Saturday, February 8th & Saturday, February 15th, 2020

Time: 10A-2:30P (Both days)

Location: The Dalles Art Center

220 E. 4th Street
The Dalles, OR 97058

*Costs: $275

All materials are included in price.

*This workshop qualifies as a work-related education expense.

5% of all proceeds from this workshop will go to a local non-profit organization.

For questions, please email Jannie at

About the Facilitator

Jannie’s background is in corporate marketing strategy, branding, and storytelling. After spending years spearheading traditional marketing departments centered around selling and ploy, she became discontent, confused, and felt a loss of purpose. This sense of professional lack propelled Jannie to ask deeper questions around what it means to work and contribute. Those evolving question became a prayer of asking, “How do I serve?” From this seeking, Jannie reframed traditional marketing strategy and brand identity by operating through a lens of what she calls sacred service in alignment to herself and others. Her goal is to help individuals and organizations connect to the essence from which their offerings are formed, and her mission is to help guide the business sector into a place of aligned sacred service.

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